Safe Travels for the First Timer


Whether you are going to a local or foreign place, traveling for the first time is always going to be an eye-opening experience. Of course, you don’t want that eye-opening experience to be a negative one. The best way to avoid that is to learn some safe travel techniques. Use these steps to ensure that you stay safe when you’re on the road, whether you are alone or with a companion.

1. When in doubt, eat/drink safely- Food and water contamination is one of the banes of traveling on a foreign land. Encountering food poisoning while on the road is certainly not your idea of fun. If you are in doubt about the water supply of your destination, make sure to bring bottled drinking water with you. Also, before eating at a specific restaurant, make sure to check if the place is compliant to sanitary standards. Last but not least, be aware of your own food allergies and sensitivities. Remember that when in doubt, it’s best to eat and drink safely.

2. Don’t bring along too many expensive equipment- It is important that you don’t bring too many expensive equipment with you while traveling, especially if you are on the road alone. Bringing too many expensive things with you such as high-end gadgets and jewelry makes you an instant target for criminals, putting your things (and most importantly your life) at risk. When walking around in an unfamiliar land, it’s best to leave those things alone.

3. Dress comfortably and modestly- When you are traveling in a foreign land, remember that comfort is more important than fashion. It is important that you dress clothing that is appropriate for your destination. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather and wear footwear that provides both comfort and protection. Also, it is important that you wear clothes in a modest manner. Avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing, too expensive, or too inappropriate. Lastly, make sure to respect the customs of the place you’re visiting when choosing clothes.

4. Do your homework- Before heading to a particular place, it will help if you at least try to get to know about the place. Among the vital information that can come in handy for you include the most dangerous parts of the city, common crimes and scams that happen in the city, people you should try to avoid at all costs, and areas where you can stay safely even as a foreigner. An advanced scouting report on your destination can potentially save you from impending trouble. 

5. Be street-smart- Street smarts is an important thing to have when you are traveling for the first time, especially when you are traveling alone. When making transactions with people, be wary about their intentions and actions. When moving around the city, always be alert and be on the lookout for signs of trouble. Keep your things secured at all times. Lastly, be ready to defend yourself if the worst case scenario happens. You should make your safety a priority at all times. My cousin who works at the Little Rock tree service always carrys a handgun. Little Rock can be a very dangerous place and is actually considered one of the nations top places to avoid for safety sake.

Those are just some tips that can prove useful for any first time traveler. Follow these to improve your chances of coming out of your trip happy and in one piece.
Four Must Visit Sites in Kolkata

Four Must Visit Sites in Kolkata

Kolkata, also known as Calcutta is a must-visit city if you want to tour India well. It is in the West Bengal state. You will realize that Calcutta is larger than you may have imagined. The streets are full of life with hundreds of rickshaws horning monotonously, street food hawkers demanding your attention and cows disrupting traffic on the roads. If you can find your way unaided in Calcutta, you can not be lost in any other city. Calcutta is known as a city of joy. Find this joy as you visit the following memorable places.

1.  The Mother Teresa House

You might not know this, but Mother Teresa was not born in India. She was an Albanian who migrated to India after she had a vision to help poor Indians. You might be interested in visiting the houses she formed and where she lived. Her home is now a tourist attraction, and it is known as the Motherhouse. This house hosts her remains. There is a small museum in the Motherhouse where you can see some of her belongings. You can also go upstairs and find the room she used to write and pray. The Motherhouse is known by Catholics all over the world. You will not pay anything to enter this house.

2. The Kalighat Kali Temple

The most visited and sacred temple in Calcutta is the Kalighat Kali Temple. You will find the devotee of the Hindu goddess of Kali busy worshipping in in this temple any time of the day. Arrive early because this temple attracts over 1000 devotees daily. The main attraction here might not be the temple or the goddess, but the sheer number of devotees. You probably will not get a chance to see the statue of the goddess because of the unbelievably long queue of people waiting to enter. If you must enter, remember to remove your shoes. You will not pay anything to enter this temple.

3. The Sir Stuart Hogg Market

The sir Stuart Hogg market commonly known as the New Market is a place you need to visit before you leave Calcutta. Here, you can buy almost anything you need: books; clothes; electronics and even money changers are here. The more exciting attraction is not the market itself but what surrounds it. If you had never been to a chaotic place, Sir Hogg market would devastate you. The streets are full of busy people, arrogant push cart transporters, constant horning and the like. But why would you do this? Because it feels so nice to be part of Calcutta inhabitants.

4.  The Victorian Memorial Hall

What will surprise you about the Victorian Memorial Hall is the contrast it brings up between Indian buildings and those in Europe. The hall was built in honor of Queen Victoria and has all the characteristics of Western architecture.


To understand the culture of the Indian people, you should start by understanding their religion. Calcutta people are known for their great devotion to religious ideologies. There are many religious monuments for you to visit in this Indian city. This city will teach you that you cannot separate man from his beliefs.